Short Work Week

Well, I’m back from vacation and slowly easing my way back into work.  First up, a 1 day workweek!  I’m on call for the next two weeks after some scheduling flipping but we had a nice first weekend back.  On Saturday, we relaxed and unpacked during the day.  In the mid-afternoon, we headed over to Zushi for a party celebrating the end of Joint Commission. It was a really great group of people and there was a raucous game of Words with Friends.  Afterwards, we went to the yakitori place by Horinouchi with two new friends who may be moving close to us!

On Sunday, SMS and I decided we had to get out of the house.  We took a trip out to Kamiooka to the Yuzawaya craft store.  It’s in the Fuji store across from Kamiooka station on 3F.  I’m trying to learn how to crochet but I’m stuck on the 4th step (turning the chain into the first row of single crochet stitches if anyone can help!).  So, we went to the craft store so I could buy some thicker yarn to practice with.

In Kamiooka, we also had delicious onigiri from a food court stand.  SMS also bought rice from the food market downstairs.  It’s in the bins as brown rice but then they mill the rice for you so it was a big bag of sushi white rice by the end.  It was a fascinating machine.

We went up to Yokohama for Honolulu Coffee company then headed back to Yokosuka.  We went out to Sitar with our upstairs neighbors and really had a good time.

So, in short, somewhat mellow weekend but much needed after all that traveling (and blog post writing!).

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