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Yeah, so this is happening…

SMS and I have decided to join the roller derby team!  We’re in trial status now as we learn to skate and get familiar with the organization but we’re already having a really fun time.  We went to practice on Friday and we’re slowly getting better.  The team has loaner gear that we borrow although SMS has already ordered beginner kits for us from online.  I’m looking forward to that since borrowing pads used by multiple sweaty people is almost as gross as using community wetsuits that everyone’s peed in.  Oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t pee in your wetsuit!

On Saturday, we were pretty mellow and hung around Yokosuka.  In the evening, we went for a run along the seawall before meeting two of our friends at the yakinikuya that is a short walk from our house.  Yakiniku is a Japanese cuisine where slightly-larger-than-bite-sized pieces of meat and veggies are grilled at the table.  We ordered two meat and vegetable sets to cook on the little center table charcoal grill.  It was so tasty!  We also brainstormed for our team name (mildly successful) and costumes (more successful) for our Amazing Race team.  Yes, Yokosuka is having an Amazing Race and we’re super excited.  We headed over to Don Quixote and bought team costumes.  While there were several more “interesting” costume available (metallic unitards, anyone?), we went with monster costumes that have a hat/arm paws/leg warmers.   Our name?  Monster Mash.  Eh, I know.  It works but isn’t super awesome.  But if we waited for super-awesome then we wouldn’t have gotten a spot in the Amazing Race!

It was a gorgeous day!

I met up with a friend early on Sunday morning and headed out for a 10 mile long run.  Yeah!  I’m so glad I ran with her because it probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  We met up on the early side because SMS and I were heading up to Yokohama to see the Baystars game!  It was the second to last of the season and we met up with Jenn and Dave.

So many Giants fans :o(

At first, I thought we had standing-only tickets because we were in the outfield but we ended up with our (very) close and narrow seats.  So it was nice to be able to sit.  Unfortunately, our seats were in the Giants’ fan section.  Boo!  I was scared to bring out my Yokohama Baystar noisemaker bats so my cheering was more muted than I was anticipating.  It was still a lot of fun since the singing and cheering when the favored team is at bat is unlike anything I’ve seen at an American sporting event.

The crowd goes crazy after  a home run!
7th Inning Stretch

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