Wonderful Wednesday!

After derby practice, SMS and I were nearly faint from hunger.  When this happens, SMS gets cranky but in a really cute way since he’s not normally like that.  In addition, poor decisions are made like going to restaurants that are closed (although in fairness, that is difficult to know beforehand) or ultimately, going to an expensive restaurant for an inadvertently decadent weekday dinner while in post-workout clothes.

BUT.  I have no regrets because we had one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile.  We went to a really cute restaurant in Hiyama called Pescaria.  It’s a cute place with light wooden beams and an open kitchen, which gives it a simultaneously airy and cozy feel.  We sat at one of the back tables and looked at the English and Japanese menus.  The English menu was pretty good, especially with the pasta dishes.  The fish dishes change by the day but the preparations are listed on the English menu- la mere, grilled and baked. 
What really made the menu experience is that one of the cooks knew a fair bit of food English, so he was able to go into more detail about the specials.  We ended up getting a perfectly dressed green salad with thin slices of Parmesan and grilled squid & artichoke appetizer.  The greens were pretty hearty but not tough.  The grilled squid & artichoke was delicious.  The oil that was left on the plate was perfect with the complimentary focaccia!
Next, we split a chestnut & squash risotto.  It was creamy and perfectly cooked.  I think I prefer the more classic risotto (which was an option but I went with the special), but it was nice to eat such an Autumn-y dish.  
Our second course was a whole red snapper cooked with tomatoes, clams, capers, kalamata olives and lemon.  It was, like everything else, cooked to perfection, fresh and so tasty!
Finally, we had dessert.  I ordered the special, brown sugar pudding which was good but not what I anticipated.  SMS ordered the best dessert I’ve had in awhile- a mascarpone ice cream with pistachio, honey and marzipan.  It was unbelievable.  I want it again and soon!  I had a yummy espresso macchiato and SMS had a nocino digestif, which he has rarely seen on any menus.  The last time he saw it, he was in Switzerland!
So, the bill was more than we usually spend on a normal Wednesday but it was so worth it!  I love the serendipitous find and the wonderful experience with my love!

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