‘Till November!

I had a pretty good week!  I was on call and it was really quiet until Friday afternoon (of course), but even that wasn’t too bad.  I did miss out on going to a medical conference in Tokyo but I was really mostly excited about the sashimi after the presentations so maybe I’ll treat myself sometime this weekend and feel like I still got what I wanted!

There were a few interesting patients in clinic and I had a full OR day on Thursday.  I had some interesting cases and it was great to be back in the OR. I always hesitate to go into more detail on the blog because even if they are the most de-identified stories in the world, there’s still something vaguely unprofessional-ish about it.  I think that’s especially true since I work in a relatively small community.
SMS has had a busy photography week and taken some beautiful pictures.  He’s so talented and he always finds little take-away points from each session, which I think is really cute.  I think it’s an attractive quality when someone can do a great job but still be open to things that can be improved.
Tomorrow, I’m off to Yokota to Roller Derby Camp!  SMS will join me Saturday evening since we’re staying up there for Sunday’s session.  He had a prior photo shoot scheduled so he decided to forego the Saturday session.
Coming up: Thanksgiving (yay!) at our friends’ house with a big group; a two-day trip to Kyoto to meet up with Marissa and Blake; a work holiday party; a weekend in Tokyo; Christmas and call; and a trip to Mt. Tremblant to see my family and ring in the New Year!!  

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