Too much flying!

Beautiful day in Pittsburgh- 70 degrees in November!

My interview trip is complete!  I had a great time in Pittsburgh, especially since I got to meet Karen for lunch!  We went to the Allegheny Diner where I got a Thanksgiving Sandwich.   It was good but there was a lot of salt and gravy for the amount of sandwich.  It made me excited to have a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich in a few weeks!

That is my huge rental by the telephone pole- Town and Country!

The interview at Pitt went well and then I flew out to San Francisco.  I had a great interview at CEI and I really liked it.  So, overall, I had a very successful interview trip and I’m hopeful that I can pursue advanced ear training next year starting 1 July.

Ferry Terminal in San Francisco- I went into the city for a few hours after my interview!

I got home on Friday, dropped my bag off at home and headed into work.  The weekend was pretty mellow since I’ve acquired a head cold during my travels that, combined with jet lag, has really left me dragging.  SMS and I saw Interstellar with friends on Saturday night after a Sukiyaki dinner. Sukiyaki is a stew where dashi and warishita sauce (mirin, soy, sugar, sake) are brought to a boil and various vegetables and thinly cut meats are placed into the hot pot to cook.  SMS has been wanting to have it for awhile so it was nice that the evening came together so well.

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