Weekend Wrap-Up!

SMS’ lunch, a cute little shu-creampuff swan

Last weekend was fairly mellow. On Saturday, SMS and I went to Yokohama. We went to a cute cafe for lunch, if you count dessert and tea as lunch. Yum!  We didn’t want to eat too much because we had big plans for Cactus Burrito, an awesome SoCal-style Mexican place.

Bottom left is an enchilada-style burrito.  Photo cropped from restaurant’s website

It was delicious. The train trip was long but worth it! It’s a small place, so I’d recommend reservations if your group is more than 2 people. We ordered the nachos, which consisted of crisp chips, refried beans, jalapeños, sour cream, cheese, guacamole and salsa. We ordered the medium-size portion which was salad plate size. We also split a California burrito with amazing carne asada (with high quality steak) and yummy french fries. We got it “enchilada-style” with sauce and cheese on top. Oh my gosh, I’m so hungry typing this!  The meal was fantastic and we were so happy!

Hiyama photos and sunset

On Sunday, SMS had two photo shoots. I went for a run and then got ready for the second shoot since I was going to be SMS’ photo assistant. The shoot went well with a cute couple, made cuter by my awesome reflector holding skills. Afterwards, we went to Restaurant Don, an Italian place right on the water. There are awesome views of the sunset but we actually watched the sunset outside before dinner. It was gorgeous. There were a lot of photographers hanging out on a beach overlook. On a clear day, the view would include a great view of Fuji. When we were there, the peak was visible through a cloudy haze. 

We got a course set menu, which was nice but a lot of food. Our favorite dish was the crab pasta but we could barely eat any of it since it was the last dish!  We took it to-go so no waste!  We also had cold appetizers. My favorite was the pulpo in green sauce (similar to chimichuri) closely followed but the bruschetta. The hot appetizers were all delicious- shrimp spring rolls (crab Rangoon style), quiche and cheese wrapped in phylo dough. Next, we had garlic chip salad which was a green salad topped with a lot of garlic chips. After that, we had a mushroom risotto which compared to the rest was just ok, but it was still pretty good. It was cooked perfectly but to my taste, seemed to be missing something seasoning-wise. Then came the awesome crab pasta followed by a small assorted dessert plate featuring grape sorbet, chocolate gelato, cake and the world’s smallest creme brûlée. 
It was an awesome dinner and so fun to share such great meals with my Sweetie!

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