Another short work week!

I know, seriously!?!?  On Monday, I was supposed to go to Iwo Jima/Iwo To.  My day was free but the trip ended up being cancelled.  Unfortunately, I drove all the way to Atsugi which was a road trip was capped off by a 20-minute line to get in the front gate.  Ugh, no thank you.  That would be terrible for a daily commute. It reminded me of the lines to get on and off North Island, Coronado.

I’m starting to get a little nervous that I won’t be able to make it to Iwo To.  I’m going to try and make sure I can go with the wardroom on the next trip so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

So, instead of appreciating history, I went to work.  Whah.  I did buy some recommended Japanese make-up products at Don Quixote’s that night so my grumpiness was assuaged!  I mostly cribbed from this article and so far, I’ve been happy with my purchases.

Tuesday was a great day in the OR.  I had a complex sinus case that went really well.  Hopefully, he heals well and finds relief from his symptoms!  There’s no reason why he shouldn’t but the healing process is always an amazingly varied thing.
Wednesday was a fairly full clinic day.  After work, I’m going to go home, have dinner with SMS and then hit the road for a long weekend in Singapore!  I’m so excited!  I get to celebrate Brady’s 30th birthday, maybe go swimming in the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool (please oh please oh please!), see Tawnne, have delicious food, sing karaoke and in general, have an awesome time!  This may rival our Vegas trip for awesomeness!

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