Weekend Update

Did anyone watch the 40th Anniversary of SNL show last weekend?  I did not but I saw the Celebrity Jeopardy skit, which was pretty awesome.  I heard it’s available on Hulu+ but I’m not going to go out of my way to watch the rest of it.

On Friday, I stayed late at work catching up on TTDs (things to do) and completing a Patient Quality and Safety online course.  I wasn’t thrilled at being mandated to do it since I’ve felt inundated with training lately but it was a pretty good course.  I got home pretty late that night.  SMS spent the day at the International Camera Expo in Yokohama with one of our friends and had an awesome time.

Saturday was Valentine’s Day.  Yay!  We kept it mellow this year- although SMS had big plans, they were put on hold since I had to start my call this weekend rather than the next week due to my colleague’s early delivery.  Congratulations to her and her beautiful new daughter!

For lunch, we walked to Snug Stay Door as a well-earned treat after super-cleaning the house.  I had an awesome avocado cheeseburger and SMS had the poke loco moco.  It was delicious and we were so hungry by that point so it hit the spot!

That night, we went up to Charcoal Grill Green and had a delicious feast!  We sat at the counter and it was really cool to watch the two cooks.  Everything that is cooked (apart from some pre-prepped veggie mashes, etc) is done on a large central grill.  It’s not green, but I didn’t realize that it was the only cooking method used.  We feasted on oysters, grilled Caesar salad, grilled lamb and pulled pork quesidilla.  Everything was delicious and we were so happy!

12 people maxed out our seating capacity!

On Sunday, SMS went to a photo shoot while I went shopping for food and got slammed by the ER.  It seems like a run-on sentence but it really happened in that order.  Ice cream was melting in our car as I completed back-to-back admissions.  It was all salvageable but the cooking timeline was pretty crunched.  The party was for Mardi Gras and I was making gumbo and red beans and rice.  Fortunately, the gumbo still turned out really well and I was super happy.  I forgot to add the shrimp but I don’t think anyone noticed.  We had a great group of people, delicious food brought by several guests and an awesome Cards Against Humanity game.

Monday was a mellow day.  SMS and I went for a walk along the seawall.  I had cleaned up the night before but my day was thrown off by a late bedtime (0100) and a 0500 wake-up call from the ER for a consult.  I was so tired!  I’m out of practice with the late-nights and early wake-ups!

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