Jogashima Afternoon

Azawaki Lighthouse

SMS and I had a mellow afternoon and took a trip to the other side of the Miura Peninsula to see Jogashima Island. Jogashima is on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula and very beautiful.

Azawaki Lighthouse

First, we parked and walked up the hill to a park filled with daffodils.  At the point was the Azawaki lighthouse.  We went down to the tidal pools and walked around.  I thought it looked like Sunset Cliffs in San Diego but I wasn’t able to take a picture that I felt was an accurate reflection.  Which is fine- I don’t need to photo-document everything!

We walked along the tide pools and then got to a beach that would lead us to the Jogashima Lighthouse.  We were starting to sweat it a little bit since our parking lot closed at 5 and it was about 4:15 but I thought we’d have enough time.  I preferred the Azawaki Lighthouse but the Jogashima Lighthouse is more famous since it is the 4th oldest Western-style lighthouse in Japan.  Did you get all that?

My new neko friend in the fields!

Jogashima is also known for the Misaki Fish Market, which some people say rivals Tsukigi in terms of freshness.  We stopped at a local restaurant for meguro (tuna) and it was pretty delicious.  Overall, we had a really nice Sunday afternoon outing.

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