Bangkok to Japan

3 Monkeys + 1

This vacation has been absolutely amazing. I’ve loved the places we’ve visited and the incredible beauty I got to see. While there’s a sobering side to the vacation ebullience in the form of recognizing the poverty, sanitation issues and recent historical horrors (especially in Cambodia), I feel really lucky to have seen this part of the world and share the experience with my amazing husband. It means a lot to me to have experiences like this and create our own shared history.  While our day-to-day life and mini-trips are also treasures, this trip was spectacular and removed from the ordinary that it really means the world to me that we shared it.

Crossing the River
Main tower under construction

On our last morning, we went to Wat Arun. We took a boat ride across the river (for 3 baht!) and wandered the temple. Most of the iconic spires are undergoing renovations, including the main centerpoint. It was still beautiful but I’m glad we didn’t get up for the sunrise!

So pretty!  I want to be gilded in gold for my naps!

We took a tuk tuk back to the hotel and then bought our tickets for a shared van to the airport. I did a little bit of last minute shopping and then it was off to the airport. The airport share van under- delivered on its promise of timeliness but we made it with enough time to make our flight without too much stress. We had noodle soups for lunch and our last iced Thai drinks (coffee for me, tea for SMS). In Hong Kong, we split a little dim sum and then took our flight to Haneda. We were on time and customs is very fast here so we were able to make the Keikyu train home.  Hooray!

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