Little Catch-Up

Whoa, blogging our recent trip was intense!  I’m so happy I kept up with posts because I totally would have forgotten things since we did so much.  As you can tell from the length of the posts, I don’t think I forgot too much.  When I got back, I did some quick editing (but sorry for remaining typos) and added pictures.  Then it was off to work on Friday, May 1 where no one was expecting me back.  It’s ok though, I got to do a fair amount of admin work and get well-situated for the next work week.

The weekend was great because Mark’s cousin came to visit!  There was a flight mix-up on Saturday but they eventually met up and saw a little bit of Tokyo.  They were hampered by Michael’s eleventy-billion pound spear-fishing gear but they were determined!

Kamakura temples and Wisteria

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Kamakura and it was absolutely wonderful.   The weather was incredible and we had the best time.  We had spent the morning working out and then having an awesome lunch at Snug Stay Door.  Kamakura was crowded- so crowded that they were doing major crowd control on the Enoden line between the main Kamakura line and the more distant stations like Hase (Big Buddha) and Enoshima.  We decided to walk with hundreds of our new friends to Hase and I’m so glad we did.  We walked along the 311 and it was so cool!  So many coffee shops, cafes, boutiques and cool architecture.  I remember I had seen it from a bus window once and I’m glad I got to see it up close and at a slower pace.  The bus on Sunday would have been even slower since traffic was at a complete standstill.

Farm to You.  I love it!  So much that I took a disgustingly ridiculous arty sunglasses picture.  And yet, I include it…
I finally ate a shrimp cracker but the wind broke it while my picture was being taken.  Sads!

On our way to Hase, we stopped at the new Farm to You cafe with a huge outdoor garden and seating area.  It was amazing!  It was so cute and so idyllic.  We all had a coffee and relaxed in the gorgeous setting.  I could have sat there all day!  But, sightseeing awaited so we walked over to Hasedera, with its big Buddha that had been rescued from the sea about 17 years after it had been tossed in near Osaka.  We saw the beautiful view from the top, the collection of Jizu statues, the cave shrine and the beautiful gardens.  We saw it all pretty quickly because we wanted to make sure we got to the “Big Buddha.”  We took the required pictures and admired the massive, serene Buddha statue before heading back home for dinner.  We went to Hamakura where we had awesome sushi.

On Monday, I went to work and the guys went to Kyoto.  No fair!  They had a great time and a really ambitious itinerary.  It was fun to live vicariously through them while I was getting slammed with consults thanks to an increase in consults from the Fleet.  It’s nice to be busy but I wish it was a little slower since I’d like to read more for fellowship!

Socially,  I went out Monday for Amanda’s birthday dinner.  Tuesday was an awesome book club with a delicious taco bar (Cinco de Mayo, so wild and crazy!).  Wednesday, I went up to Yokohama to meet up with Michael and SMS for dinner at Charcoal Green Grill after they spent the afternoon cheering on the Yokohama Baystars in the outfield stands (crazy fandom reigns there!).

Today (Friday), I have a half clinic day and a housing appointment to set up our final move-out!  Then it’s off to Western Japan where we will (hopefully) see luminescent squid and Kanazawa as a  short trip before my TDY starts next week in Iwakuni and Sasebo.

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