Sunday Soliloquy #3

  • No, Martha!!!  Cease and desist all efforts to make this happen.IMG_4022
  • I’m going to Japan to visit my sister in mid-April.  I’m so excited!  I’ve been reading a few articles about “The Tokyo Fixer,” a very expensive foodie guide and while I’m not planning on hiring him, the food descriptions are making me hungry!  I plan on buying a JR pass but this trip will be a little less planned than others since my main priority is hanging out with my sister, brother-in-law, and their baby!
  • Theparakeetofficial is growing like gangbusters.  The birds now have more followers than me.  The account, and followers, shows that there’s a niche for everyone.IMG_4025
  • I hosted a successful party last week.  Everything went perfectly and it was so easy.  I catered the event from Handsome Biscuit, a Southern Sweet Potato biscuit place that made incredible sliders.  People loved the food.  Most importantly, the two guests of honor for the farewell party had a great time with a strong turnout from all of their work friends.  I was a tiny bit stressed earlier in the day because it was an OR day, which is not the best day to plan afterwork events but it all worked out.  I was done exactly on time and it was actually a really good day in the OR.
  • I also had two book clubs last week.  It was a very social week.  The book club I host read There, There, which we all really liked.  Most of us felt we never would have picked it up if it hadn’t been for book club.  Second book club discussed Little Fires Everywhere, which I had read last year and really liked.  I don’t like most of the books second book club picks (next month is Eleanor Oliphant…, blergh), but I really like the people so I will suck it up!

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