Sunday Soliloquy #9

Konnichiwa from Japan!  I am in the middle of my vacation to meet my newest nephew and revisit some Japan stomping grounds.  I am also going to see some college friends tonight who are also in town for vacation.  This was intentionally planned but still, it is so cool that everything has worked out!  It’s been a great vacation and, unfortunately, I think I have just reached the halfway mark.  Boo!

*Reading: The Overstory by Richard Powers.  Recommended by a book club member and next up for discussion, I started this book when it was “only” shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and now it’s won the Pulitzer.  Sagoy!  It is an excellent book so far and I’m excited to continue.  My reading is slightly fragmented since I’m also trying to trip plan on the fly but I am really loving it!

*(Not) Watching: The newest Game of Thrones.  I’m still in the middle of Season 6, so I will try to catch up by the next Sunday or two.  Brady and Ricardo are up-to-date and may watch tonight but I’m enjoying trying to get through the series.

*Loving: Japan!  I have missed it!  I have also had some fun travel adventures to include meeting a super nice American/Spanish couple at a Kyoto stand-up sake bar and going on a Kyoto hike I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years.  Now, I’m starting a 4 day visit in Tokyo which will be a lot of fun since I didn’t see as much of Tokyo as I wanted while I was stationed here.  After this will be a two day, one night trip to Kanazawa and an overnight on the Izu Penninsula.  This vacation has been amazing and my little nephew is the coolest baby I know!

*Also loving: Packing Light.  I’m doing pretty well.  I am benefiting from the comparison to two parents who are carting around newborn supplies, hahaha.  I am also loving high-speed data plans.  This is good for keeping in touch and searching for last minute trip ideas.  Finally, I am also loving keeping up with my blogging as I travel, which I may try to do for future trips rather than take notes and blog later.  TBD.  This will likely be hit or miss, depending on the trip.

*New trip planning idea that sounds so bougie but is amazing: The Louis Vuitton City Guide.  I know!  This sounds so ridiculous and yes, I am a doctor but employed by the Navy, not a boutique private practice so hear me out.  There are a lot of good recommendations that include low(ish) to moderate price points so I would recommend!

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