Sisters in Japan, Day 6: Easter in Tokyo

Ask any weightlifter, leg day is exhausting!

Easter Sunday was a great day with family and friends!  After a mellow morning in Atsugi, we piled into the car and drove into Tokyo.  I had made reservations at the New Sanno for three nights.  Ricardo and Brady had done extra research and decided that Easter brunch at the New Sanno sounded awesome so off we went!

He liked the bowtie way more than he looks in this picture!

Ricardo had bought Rickey the cutest Easter outfit complete with bowtie (which, let’s be honest, made the outfit!).  So, after some chilling in the “My First Easter” onesie, Little Rickey spruced himself up and outshone us all, even though his parents also looked pret-ty good!

Such a cute family!

Brunch was delicious.  It’s always an interesting mix at the New Sanno since the crowd can seem pretty eclectic.  We sat next to a group where the sponsor was a DEA employee at the embassy with his family and two friends/couple from Denmark who were visiting because one of the women had been an exchange student with the wife’s family many years ago.   They were really fun to talk to- so much so that we closed the place down!

After brunch, I got ready to meet up with my friends Hillary and Jason who are vacationing in Japan for two weeks.  Jason was an exchange student for a whole year (!) in his early teens so part of his vacation included seeing his host family in Kyoto.  But we had arranged to overlap in Tokyo for a few days (which caused me to miss another friend’s wedding, *sniff*  Congratulations Sarah and John!).

We met at the hotel where Jason, Hillary, their girls, and Hillary’s Mom were staying.  The girls, although always cute, looked like death warmed over.  Jetlag was hitting them hard after being woken up from 1800 naps.  We went to an izakaya that Jason had found and enjoyed a really delicious meal.  We took a picture outside which, unfortunately, may not be of high enough photographic quality to make it into our alum magazine, but oh well.  It’s good enough for this blog!

Williams ’02 Mini-Reunion


After dinner, we went for drinks in the upstairs bar with a pretty spectacular view over Tokyo.  Jason and I started out, Hillary joined us, and then Jason quickly bowed out.  Hillary and I had some nice catchup time and we also talked about our plans for the next day- shopping!

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