I voted!

After some procrastination, I finally read up on the candidates last night and filled out my ballot. I dropped it off at a secure drop-off box outside the local police station. I trust it more than the mail. It was raining this morning, so I felt extra tough and dedicated in getting my vote to count! SMS was a little disappointed that I didn’t have my act together earlier and we could discuss more, but better than late than too late and miss the 11/8 deadline.

Now, it’s the end of a relatively straight-forward day at work. But I feel like I’m leaving at midnight because it is so!dark! outside. I don’t have seasonal affective disorder, but I definitely prefer longer days to shorter.

I’m listening to the audiobook Less Is Lost. I really loved the book Less, which won the Pulitzer a few years ago. I was surprised because it didn’t seem like that “great” of a work to win such a prestigious prize, but I would recommend it. Especially because there’s a section where he’s in Germany and he confidently uses his German, which is not as good as he thinks it is. This results in a lot of hilarious dialogue. The “translations” are mostly in italicized English to indicate that it’s translated from a German conversation, but there are a few sentences of German to highlight particularly notable gaffes when using the wrong near-homonym. In the current book, he yells “Flöte, flöte!” instead of “Flut, flut.” When I type it like this, it doesn’t seem funny at all. But I promise, in context, it’s much better!

5 thoughts on “I voted!”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you voted. And now it’s over for another two years, until the next presidential election (screeeaaam!). I do have SAD but that’s why I live in Florida. Even living down here, I can tell that my mood is affected by the shorter days.


  2. Yay for getting the vote out, Tierney.

    And now I am really intrigued by this book because language gaffes are the best LOL (my husband is good at those ;))


  3. Yeah for voting. It is such an easy thing to do in a democracy and for me a privilege and a requirement. Getting home when it’s dark outside is not always fun. I feel like it is 9pm but then check the watch and it is barley 5pm.


  4. Yay for voting! I sent in my ballot early so no sticker. BUT we did keep our governor and lieutenant governor, despite not ousting the worst senator in the US. Sigh. A partial win is still a bit of a win, right?


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