Mid-week update

This past weekend, I was up in Menlo Park with SMS.  It was a pretty mellow weekend.  We went out to Oren’s Hummus on Friday and made dinner on Saturday.  It was nice to be a little less scheduled after the holidays but we were also low-key because I am on the fun-sucking diet called Whole 30.  I’ve done it in the past and the healthy eating is a good thing, but it definitely puts foodie experiences off-limits for a bit.

I’m currently on Day 8 and while I wonder why I haven’t magically lost 20 pounds in one week (boo!), I am otherwise doing well.  Actually, it’s better not to lose weight overnight because then I would have saggy skin- this is what I tell myself to feel better about the lack of immediate gratification.  And for people who say that Whole 30 is about feeling better and not the weight loss?  Well, to quote Chris Farley, “La-tee-fricking-da!”  Liars.

Over the weekend I did, however, try Rumble boxing, which I loved! It’s a workout with ten 3-minute rounds that takes place over 45 minutes, which includes warm-up, cool-down, and transition times.  It’s addictive.  The two trainers were so high-energy. The music is perfectly synced to the moves and is an awesome selection of songs.  I think it would be impossible to get bored due to the sensory overload or the feeling of exhaustion towards the end.  It’s another expensive boutique exercise class, but I love it! It makes me want to look for boxing or kickboxing classes in San Diego!

I don’t have any pictures from the weekend.  My photos are currently a bunch of screenshots from Instagram stories to remind myself of various recommendations that include writing tips and things to buy.  From a wallet standpoint, maybe I should delete the shopping recs?