Best layover ever!

So, I’m back in the States for a whirlwind interview trip. 4 days and flying every day- crazy!

When I was planing my trip, I noticed that one United itinerary included a 6 hour layover in Dulles. Normally, a 6 hour layover is a no go but in this case, it meant I could see my parents for a short but sweet trip. 
It was AWESOME to see them. They’re finishing up their French course before moving and I am so happy I got to see them. I even had a bonus of talking to Grandpa and my sister on speaker phone on the way to my parents’ apartment. Yay!

I’m not too cheesy on this blog but really and truly, my parents are such a gift in my life and I feel so wonderful and lucky that I got to see them. Now, with a meatball sub in my belly :), it’s off to Delaware for my first otology interview. 

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