Mid-Atlantic fun

After leaving my parents (whah!), I flew into Philadelphia and drove to Wilmington, DE. Although my parents and I were rightfully worried about driver fatigue, I napped on the flight and felt refreshed enough to drive so off I went!

After too brief a stay at the local Ramada, I headed to my first interview. I shadowed the fellowship director in his a.m. balance clinic and his p.m. otology clinic. I had a really nice time and I think I would learn a lot there. 
After clinic, I headed back to the airport to fly to Pittsburgh. There was a long delay for my flight which would have meant a missed connection so United rebooked me on US Airways direct to Pittsburgh. Yay!  
I hung out at the USO which had hot food. Awesome!  It meant I got to enjoy my second meatball sub of the trip!  I didn’t realize the unintended goal of this trip was to look like a meatball at the end!  It wasn’t as good as the one the previous night but it still hit the spot. It was a really nice USO but alas, all good things come to an end. I flew to Pittsburgh and picked up my HUGE rental car- a town & country and it drives like it’s the size of a small town. I feel like a soccer Mom!

I had a pretty good night’s sleep at the Wyndam Grand, a very nice hotel. I’m off to get ready for my p.m. interview at Allegheny hospital which is going to be preceded by lunch with Karen. Yay!

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