Thankful that…

I’m thankful that my head is attached to my body. OMG. Today, in my latest bad habit, I left my loupes in the OR which is the equivalent of leaving a thousand dollar bill lying around. Granted, that’s an improvement on yesterday’s laptop misplacement and this thousand dollar bill is highly customized to my inter-pupillary distance but still, the madness needs to stop!

I did feel slightly better in that right under my loupe box was the scrub nurse’s expensive tablet that he had misplaced. But only a little bit better.

Elisabeth had a recommendation for a laptop bag that looks quite nice. But you know what I need more? My large lumbar pack I wore during my ski patrol days. It was like a really large fanny pack that went across the lower back. It had lots of compartments for the first aid supplies. If I embraced this bag, it would also indicate I’m truly in middle age since it would be a pure embrace of function over aesthetics.

Also, I wouldn’t be allowed to bring it into the OR. So that wouldn’t solve the loupe box problem. Maybe I need a system of tethers and attachments so if I forget something, it will simply trail behind me like a bunch of cans attached to a newlywed couple’s car.

Grocery Stores, Bags, and Bars

So, my bag situation has been annoying me lately. I use a sac-style leather bag most days with everything jumbled at the bottom. Without the fail, the item I am looking for will be the last thing I find. In addition, something I definitely do not want will be jumping into my hand saying, “Me, me!” I bought a bag organizer awhile ago- an inexpensive $10 nylon divider bag from Amazon which seems reasonable but has been used only a handful of times.

So, today, I switched to a handbag so I could walk around without my laptop weighing me down. Which meant I carried my laptop around like a folder. Are you getting a sense of foreboding? Because you should.

So, after a morning of making office calls to potential referring physicians and an afternoon clinic, I went to the grocery store with my co-worker. Yes, it’s been featured before! That’s right, it’s the grocery store bar! We grabbed a beer and listened to the drama of a grocery store bar. Apparently, there are weirdos who come to it and it’s not always empty. We learned this from the 20 and a half year old who was at the bar asking his manager/bartender Mom to serve him a beer. She said no, but they were very funny. Among other strange people, there was a regular who would come in the afternoon, take control of the remote, and watch her soap operas. She stopped coming after they stopped letting her hold the remote and made a policy that only TV sports were allowed.

But then, near disaster happened. I went to pick up a roast chicken and veggies for dinner. As I was walking out of the store, I realized I had my chicken, my veggies, my handbag…and no laptop. I rushed back inside and, no luck, it wasn’t there.

I felt so dumb. Yes, I had a beer, but it was a pretty low alcohol pilsner. I just had too many things to track and had deviated from my normal bag routine. I was so bummed out and felt really dumb. I left my number in case it turned up and headed home, very sad. I was an exceptionally yield-y driver, trying to generate good karma in the hopes it would pay off.

Well. A half hour later I got a call, it had been found! SMS and I drove to the grocery store where my new BFF had locked the computer away and gave it to me. I tried to give her a tip but she refused. I get it. I’ve had people try to tip before after doing something nice, but I’ve never taken it. But I at least wanted to try. You know, like a reward listed on a poster.

So now, I’m not going to hand-carry something very important and expensive. Into the bag it goes! Along with everything else, hiding away at the bottom.

Gift Guides!

‘Tis the season…to get distracted from the main mission of buying presents for others and buying presents for meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

But in preparation for this post, I looked at Martha Stewart’s Gift Guide email, which is basically great stuff you can buy from her merchandise. Does anyone remember when she was sentenced to jail and stores were having fire sales of her branded merchandise? It was probably high-quality, but I had enough at the time and didn’t stock up. And now? Martha’s back (and has been for a long time).

But then I noticed she has CBD gummies. Actually, I already knew this because I read the NYTimes profile of Martha Stewart, which talks about her thirst trap IG photos and her CBD gummies. It’s a pretty hilarious article. I think Martha Stewart is in on the joke. All the way to the bank.

AND! Mike Tyson has CBD gummies shaped like an ear with a bite out of it, aka Evander Holyfield who actually agreed to team up with him. Jeez, that’s a powerful level of forgiveness.

I have known CBD gummies were a thing, but I am very impressed with the pop culture tie-ins. Honestly, I haven’t done a lot of critical evaluation re: CBD. I feel like there’s so much pseudo-science and placebo effects gimmicks out there that I just can’t spend time researching another one. I’ve heard they’re great for sleep, but my woo-woo approach to sleep involves sleep meditations and yoga nidra. They both really work! But when I recommend to patients, I usually get an eyeroll. Or they try it once with a bad attitude so of course it doesn’t help.

I usually fall asleep within 3 minutes of my head hitting the pillow to the chagrin of my Oura ring. The only time I need some help is during times of transition and stress. During those times, sleep meditations are the best. I really like Anna Greenberg through the Peloton app. My favorite yoga nidra link is here, a free audio file about 20 minutes long, I think. I really have never reached the end of it.

That’s it for a very tangential post. Time for a nap.

Health is Wealth!

I feel very grateful for my good health, although my slightly superstitious nature is now worried about a bus that is surely going to hit me! I’ve never broken a bone, never gotten Strep throat, and overall, have a pretty strong immune system. I am super grateful to live in a time of long life expectancies with accompanying knowledge on how to optimize healthy living: enough sleep, exercise, mobility/stretching, healthy food choices, and stress management. Of course, I have room to improve but I feel like the foundation is there.

My gratitude is even deeper because of the work I do. Life is pretty capricious, so I will take my good health for as long as it lasts. I certainly see people who have shifts that they never saw coming and it is life-changing in a way that people rarely ask for and rarely want.

Since I’ve started working in non-military medicine, the patient population has a much larger prevalence of serious medical conditions. This makes complete sense since the military consists of young-to-middle age adults who are pretty healthy. Military medicine exists to take care of those who become ill or injured but even when this happens, it tends to be in the context of one problem within an overall healthy individual. Outside of military medicine, the population is older and may have multiple medical conditions. It’s a challenge and an honor to take care of all patients and with the changing populations, it’s an engaging professional challenge and experience.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at a large academic hospital. Sometimes moments can get a little dicey, other times it’s completely smooth. Sometimes my scrubs are clean at the end of the day, sometimes I really need to change and shower (and I do!). I really enjoy the teamwork and collegiality of multi-disciplinary care. I work with so many smart, interesting people and it’s fun to collaborate and learn from them.

Alright, this entry is a little overly effusive, but I wanted a slight change from the brief, daily calendar type entries I’ve been writing. I’m really looking forward to the weekend and catching up on travelogues but that’ll come in a few more days!

Back at Work!

After an amazing long weekend, it was back to work! I think a long weekend is the perfect amount of time to be away. It was a treat to be away on a workday, but I wasn’t crushed by emails and to-do’s the second I got back. I am a little crushed with paperwork at the end of the day, but I will catch up tomorrow. [Cue eyeroll. As you can see, still working on the keeping up with notes during clinic goal!]

Today, I had a photoshoot for a work headshot. I definitely get a little “freeze-y” in front of the camera, but the pictures turned out nicely. I had SMS help me pick up the ones to choose. He’s taken lots of photos and has a good eye, while I sometimes pick out pictures that are not as great.

Well, short and sweet “today.” I’m a day behind in posts, but later in the week is more open so I can start to tackle my November blog goal of not only posting daily, but finishing up my catch-up posts from late Summer/early Fall travels.

Navarre Beach Day

We had the nicest Saturday with my family. Everyone came over to our hotel and we set up a good ol’ fashioned chair circle on the beach. It always cracks me up because I still clearly remember what I thought as a child, “How can adults just sit there for hours?!?! They’re so boring!” Well, Tierney-kid, the answer is beer.

We did go in the ocean though! I’m always a little braver when I’m with a group. One, I somehow feel there’s a group invincibility and, should that fail, there’s a slightly reduced chance that’ll be me who gets eaten by the shark.

After a great afternoon that got progressively more cloudy but no rain, Mom and Dad had to go to the airport. The rest of us went to Juana’s Pagodas. We grabbed a drink in the sand floor bar, which was cool. Then we headed over to Joe’s for a very graze-y leftovers dinner.

Then, SMS and I said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel. Ed was heading back early in the morning and SMS and I decided that we would explore on our own. It was really nice to see my family, minus my sister who I need to make plans to see sometime soon. I miss her!

Blue Angels!

I have seen the Blue Angels several times over the years, including a dress rehearsal here in Pensacola when I was here in 2005 doing a family practice rotation. But today was the best show I have ever seen!

Initially, I thought about bailing because SMS and I had a fun morning in the hotel pool. Why not just hang out and relax? Because then it wouldn’t be a true family vacation, hahaha.

But I’m so glad we went! First, the crowds were not bad at all. Also, the weather had cleared from early morning clouds to nearly clear skies. SMS and I broke off for a few minutes to walk in the aviation museum before walking to the show. Then, in a magical confluence of events, SMS and I ran into my brother who was with my parents. At that exact moment, Dad had talked us into a VIP viewing area complete with BBQ and an unobstructed view of the air field. The center point of the show maneuvers was right in front of us. We also heard the announcer the entire time and while I won’t remember all the names of the passes, it was pretty to awesome to know when the inversions, barrel rolls, formation changes, etc we’re going to happen.

So, yes, it was an incredible show! I don’t even know if I ever have to see them again! Tomorrow, we’re going to hang out at the beach and the pool. Can’t wait!

Navarre Beach is Down One Fly

My Dad can do anything! Today, in a feat of superhuman skill, he killed a fly in Navarre Beach. In doing so, he knocked over a small amount of beer so the fly was laid to rest in a slight mist of beer foam. Not a bad way to lay in state!

SMS won son-in-law of the day for documenting the occasion. He’s the family photographer!

Unfortunately, I cannot find the ultimate picture that I thought I texted to myself.
But, in other awesome news, SMS and I went to a Waffle House, went to my brother’s beautiful new house, hung out with my parents, and had an early Thanksgiving meal with my family. Such a great day! I know this blog entry is subpar but I’m typing on my phone. I didn’t bring a laptop with me, which is providing a really nice break!

Book Club

Monday night is a little rough to meet for a book club but since I’m pro-book club and I like this current group well enough, I always decide to go rather than flake out last minute. I mean, what else would I do? Sit on the couch in sweats? Clearly, yes, that is an attractive option but I keep my commitments.

This month, we read a non-fiction memoir. Beth wanted a break from literary fiction and so we read, “I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy. It certainly is an eye-catching title. The book was fine. I’m not the biggest memoir person but at the same time, I’ve read more than I would expect given I don’t love the genre. There really wasn’t much to talk about other than reactions to what was described in the book. I mean, how do you analyze/critique a real person’s life and feel good about yourself as a reader?

We didn’t have any great ideas for a December book. I thought about The Only Good Indians, but I think it’s pretty dark which may mean I don’t even want to finish it. But it has garnered some rave reviews so TBD in regards to my personal to-read list. But I don’t think it’s good for the club.

Well, it’s late and I’m tired but I’ll post some recent reads soon. Any suggestions? I recently read Premonition by Michael Lewis, which was great.

Sunday Funday

I had prior work-related plans but decided to reschedule and had such a fun day with SMS. We slept in, deferring the Daylight Savings Time adjustment until tomorrow which should Monday extra special! Then I made a Euro-y style breakfast plate for breakfast. Clearly, the bread isn’t seedy enough, there are no dried meats or fruits, and there is a distinct lack of muesli but if you squint your eyes, you can maybe pretend this is a European hotel breakfast buffet plate?

Then, we hiked at Waterdog, which was so nice. Especially as the days get shorter and I go to work/leave work in the dark, it’s nice to get outside on the weekends. Then we drove to San Mateo and ate hand-pulled noodles at Ox-9, which were delicious. We walked around for a bit afterwards because we were so full.

Next, we drove around a few neighborhoods and looked at houses because why not depress ourselves? We pulled into one house too early and I’m pretty sure blocked the owners who were trying to leave. So smooth.

Later in the afternoon, I went to Sephora and picked up a few things on “sale.” Finally, we had a really nice evening of relaxing and eating our dinner of Trader Joe’s salmon, Brussels sprouts, cucumber salad, and a roll.

All in all, I really nice Sunday. This evening, I worked on a few work-related item (and there’s still more to-do, but enough’s enough for the night) and in terms of winning at life, I am aware of my early morning faculty meeting so I won’t miss it which is an improvement from October!